C is for Carlton

The adorable wine town of Carlton is in the heart of Willamette Valley wine country about an hour southwest of Portland, Oregon. It’s romantically sleepy and as charming as charming gets. Wine is a big part of life in Carlton

Joy to Jory

The Willamette Valley’s official soil is Jory! This recognition formally highlights the significant role it plays in Oregon’s diverse landscape. The Jory soil is recognizable by its red coloring and can be found in nine western Oregon counties on over

The Bachelorette KING!

I am The Bachelorette KING! Ladies! If you want an unforgettable experience for your bachelorette parties–look no further! Wayne The Wine Wizard aims to please! I earned this title after hosting hundreds of these glorious adventures into the wine country

What is the WVWA?

The Willamette Valley Wineries Association or WVWA is a non-profit association dedicated to our incredibly beautiful and world-wide recognized, wine country region of the Willamette Valley. It is here to honor and protect this acclaimed region in Oregon and its

A Willamette Valley Win

The beautiful Willamette Valley has officially gained global protection of its name and we are pretty darn excited! On July 16th, 2021 the Willamette Valley received formal recognition and protection by the European Union (EU) through Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)