The beautiful Willamette Valley has officially gained global protection of its name and we are pretty darn excited! On July 16th, 2021 the Willamette Valley received formal recognition and protection by the European Union (EU) through Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status approval. This is a huge win for global brand awareness and a milestone for our incredible valley’s vineyards, winemakers and everything in between! This PGI system is essentially a protection for iconic names of agricultural products, spirits and wines. Going forward there will be links to their geographical origins and will put us on the map in a whole new light! As of now, there are only two American wine regions; Napa Valley and now the Willamette Valley! This acknowledgment from the EU affirms and protects the Willamette Valley’s reputation for quality. It offers legal security and added protection in Europe and worldwide against fraudulent wines and fringe producers looking to profit from our coveted Willamette Valley name! Let us show you the magic of the Willamette Valley—book a tour with us today!
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