Why Hire a Tour Guide?


For starters, this is our job and we’re really good at it. We do this every single day, and we’re happy to share our years of experience with you!

There are many reasons why heading to wine country can simply be a better experience with a professional guide. Here are just a few reasons –

We’re a-lot of fun and can curate a very personal day in wine country! We guarantee, we’ll make you laugh, afterall wine tasting should be a fun experience, not a stuffy one.

Leave the driving to us, we’re your DUI insurance.

We consider ourselves “edu-tainers,” and we’ll educate and entertain you throughout the day.

We know the history of the region, the wineries, the climate, the terroir, the winemakers and beyond!

We’ll start with a great conversation and figure out what you are hoping for on your experience – then we’ll get to work setting it all up, scheduling day/days visiting the most amazing wineries you’d probably never find on your own. If there is a place you’ve been wanting to see, we’ll make that happen!

You’ll experience wineries in a unique way because of our history and time in the industry, as it affords these very opportunities. From meeting the winemakers, cellar visits, barrel tastings, unique walking tours of vineyards and much much more – we’ll put together a package that will WOW you!

We know the in’s and out’s of this wine country, as well as loads of personal stories about our own wine journey in this region and beyond and we sure love sharing it all – as we guide you through your one-of-a-kind wine experience!

It’s simply better going wine tasting with a seasoned wine guide – we want you to see it ALL and fall in love with this region where we are lucky enough to work, live and play.

Why Hire a Tour Guide?
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