Bergström Wines is a family story. When John and Karen Bergström began their business, they wanted to leave a legacy for their children and pay tribute to John’s agricultural Swedish upbringing. They planted their first 13 acre vineyard in 1999, in the Northern Willamette Valley and today the Bergström’s have 5 incredible vineyards throughout the valley totalling over 70 acres. The Bergström’s son, Josh (now general manager and head of winemaking) was on board as well and joined them after finishing his postgraduate program in Burgundy, France for Viticulture (the science of farming wine grapes ) and Enology (the science of winemaking). When returning to Oregon, Josh came with his fiance Caroline and soon they would marry right there on their family’s estate. Over the years, the Bergström’s have reinvented this original estate into their Bergstrom Winery and Tasting Room; an elegant modern farmhouse where the staff shares many of the family’s stories and of course their world class wines! The Bergstrom’s are one of a small handful of wineries founded by the parents, then passed down to the children in the amazing Willamette Valley. While this may be a fairly young winemaking region, it’s been around long enough to see the legacies families have built, known as “Generational Wineries.” We love Bergström Wines and are always proud to bring our guests there on tours. The staff is always knowledgeable and accommodating, the setting is elegant yet inviting, and of course the wines are thoughtfully crafted excellence. They are true expressions of the family’s dedication to the region, the varietals that grow there, and the pioneer spirit that is Oregon. Our current favorites | 2017 Sigrid Chardonnay | 2019 Silice Pinot Noir. Join us on A Great Oregon Wine Tour –
Vineyard Highlight | Bergström Wines
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