Oh Mother Nature, you magnificent yet mischievous partner in this cycle of our existence. Your challenges, grace and power dictate so many decisions made in the vineyard, but honestly, where would we be without you? How could we possibly enjoy the beauty of the Northwest and the fabulous vines and grapes you nurture but with an iron fist.

In 2020 we had the great fires and smoke taint. In 2021 unprecedented heat spikes upwards to 117 degrees. This year is no exception, your power has been present this 2022 growing season with all of the crazy long rains this past spring, then late freezes and now blasting heat waves. What will harvest bring us this year and when will harvest begin for most?   

The impact of late frost varies from region to region and even vineyard to vineyard, depending on elevation and other factors and some of the damage is becoming more apparent as we head closer to harvest. Many clusters will just not make it to the level of quality we’ve come to expect from our vines and will be dropped to the ground to return the nutrients and vitamins they took from the soil over the season. Quality over quantity always.

Many vineyards report that grapes were only beginning to see color changes in late August. So, we must wait, watch and remain hopeful that something extraordinary will come out of these odd weather changes and let the art of wine making begin. Again.

Oh Mother Nature
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