Moffett Vineyards are located in the beautiful Northern Willamette Valley! Owners, Trent and Colleen Moffett, are part of the Livingston Moffett Winery legacy which was founded in Napa Valley in 1976 by Trent Moffetts’ parents, Diane and John Livingston. Trent helped grow the family winery from the cellars to the marketplace. After his parents retired and sold the winery in 2005, Trent opened its successor Moffett Vineyards atop Howell Mountain above the Napa Valley. His passion grew and so did his determination to grow Pinot Noir grapes in the pursuit of making the ultimate Pinot Noir! The Moffett’s relocated to the Willamette Valley in 2014 and the rest is history! Trent makes Pinot Noirs from 3 different Willamette Valley sub-appellations and continues to incorporate his Napa Valley roots into his winemaking. The magnificent in ‘M,’ doesn’t stop at Noir of course…from Rosè to Cabernet you won’t be disappointed! The Moffett’s are constantly striving to produce amazing, approachable and affordable wines! Our current favorites | The Chardonnay and Grenache! For more info on Moffett Vineyards | 
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