Easter Pairings

Happy Easter from all of us at A Great Oregon Wine Tour!

Wondering what to pair with your Easter meals? Here are a few fun ideas!

Rack of Lamb | Cabernet Sauvignon

Oh lamb, you pair passionately with a bold Cabernet with its full-bodied, tannic support and we’re here for this match made in heaven!

Glazed Ham | Pinot Noir

Glazed ham, with its sweet-and-sour flavors calls for low tannins and high acid. Break out that gorgeous NW Pinot Noir you’ve been waiting to open!

Roasted Chicken | Gamay Noir or Chardonnay

A beautiful Gamay or NW style stainless steel Chardonnay will bring roasted chicken to paired perfection!

Roasted Veggies | Grüner Veltliner or Albariño

Crisp white grape wines will make those roasted carrots, onions, beets and more – shine!

Easter Pairings
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